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Schuylkill Haven Hurricane Football Team


                           SH vs. Mahanoy Area TRIVIA QUESTIONS

1-What was the nickname of the Mahanoy City HS teams?
2-What was the nickname of the Mahanoy Township HS teams?
3-What was the nickname of the Gilberton HS teams?
4-What was the first year the SH – Mahanoy Area game was played?
5-What team leads the series between MA and SH in wins?
6-What is the series record of wins and losses for the MA-SH series?
7-In 1991 two playoff games were played at Rotary Field.  What were the game scores and who were the opponents?
8-What very unusual event took place before the next 1991 playoff game against Southern Columbia Area?
9-What was the score in the 1991playoff game against Southern Columbia and where was the game played?10.

10-What was the score in the PIAA State Championship game in 1991?  Who was the opponent in the 1991 State Championship game and where was the game played?


 Schuylkill Haven vs.  Tamaqua TRIVIA QUESTIONS


1-What was most interesting about SH loss to Tamaqua in 1926 game?

2-What was most interesting fact about 1926 Tamaqua team?

3-The series of games ended in 1933 and did not play again until 2000.  What are some reasons for this?

4-How many Overtime games have SH-T played?

5-What is the record for both schools in these games?

6-How many OT games has Haven played and what is the record for these games?

7-Schuylkill Haven has played the fewest number of games on what day of the week from 1925 to the present?

8-How many games were played on this day?

9.What team did the 1991 State Championship team play for the first and only time in history during the regular season in 1991?

10.Who were the assistant coaches for the 1991 State Championship Schuylkill Haven Hurricanes football team?


                    Schuylkill Haven – Jim Thorpe TRIVIA QUESTIONS


1-What was the name of the borough of Jim Thorpe before it was changed?

2-There were two boroughs divided by the Lehigh River before the change to Jim Thorpe.  What were the names of both boroughs?

3-What was the name of the merged schools that played together for eight seasons from 1925 -1932?  Three of these games were played versus Schuylkill Haven. 

4-What was the first year a night game was played @ Jim Thorpe vs. Schuylkill Haven?

5-The 1991 PIAA State Championship team had five (5) opponents for the first time in school history during the season.  Who were those opponents?

6-This game during the 1991 State Championship was the lowest scoring game.  What was the score and who was the opponent?

7-What team was a new opponent for the 1991 season?  What opponent did this team replace from the 1990 season?Type your paragraph here.